Email Virus Scanning

The vast majority of viruses that could affect you and disrupt your business are received via email. Lanz can scan your email as an enhancement to our standard Internet Service we can scan your email for Viruses. Email virus scanning should be considered as a first line of defence and not as a replacement for virus scanning on your desktop. The delivery mechanism of viruses has largely changed from transfer via removable media such as floppy disks to the use of email. Lanz believes that you cannot rely on a single product but have to view this negative menace in a broader sense and in doing so create an anti-virus policy for your business. An antivirus policy should be viewed with the same importance as your Firewall security. The reality being your business is more likely to suffer disruption through email issues than most other forms of attack.

We provide consultancy and effective implementation of such policies, and offer on-going support to keep you updated on new threats. The products that we offer in addition to our scanning service are: AntiVirus add-ons to Typical Mail Servers like Microsoft Exchange, SMTP Scanners & Content Scanners.

Email encryption

On a personal level we are able to install PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) software, which is a low cost solution for sensitive email and encrypts the contents of emails, which can only be deciphered by the intended recipient. The recipient must of course run PGP software. On larger scales some mail packages such as Microsoft Exchange support encryption between sites and depending on the application used, you may need a digital certificate from a trusted world authority, e.g. Verisign

Digital Signatures

These are generally used to verify the validity of the sender's authenticity and confirm the integrity of the emails contents. These features come with PGP software and can also be applied to Microsoft Exchange

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