Internet Access

The Lanz EtherLink-Metro service provides resilient, dedicated Internet connections for business, from an entry-level 10Mbps though to 1Gbps.
Our packages are straightforward and upfront: they’re easy to understand and don’t come with hidden extra costs.

They do come with:

  • Permanent, dedicated connection scalable to 100Mb+
  • Upgradeable to 100Mb in 10Mb increments
  • Connection to a Tier 1 provider (much quicker and flexible to your useage needs)
  • Unlimited usage
  • 24x7 Line monitoring
  • Support from experienced engineers
  • Domain hosting
  • Mail forwarding
  • Web hosting
  • Un-contended service, guaranteed bandwidth and low latency (an efficient network means fewer delays in sending data)
  • Resilient service based on proven SDH dual fibre ring technology (for better bandwidth and speed)
  • High-speed Cisco router/switch supplied and maintained
  • 2-hour on-site replacement of router/switch
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