Remote Support

The ability to be able to support our clients remotely has for years proven to be a very valuable service and one that is nearly always taken up in one shape or form.

Remote support effectively extends our expertise to your site and enables us to respond rapidly to your needs. Remote support brings better response times; no costly and inefficient travel time and a pool of expertise greater than any one individual. With remote support we can also provide work and monitoring services outside of your normal working hours.

We are able to support most devices that are connected to your network. We can offer support on a single item such as a Firewall through to second / third line support on your servers. For smaller organizations we can be a very effective IT department, looking after your day-to-day needs. We offer remote server/client support, both to cure faults and general housekeeping. We can keep you anti-virus system up to date and monitor your backups to keep your data safe.


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