Virtual Private Networking Solutions

The Virtual Private Network is an essential Internet service for businesses of any size. VPNs enable the user secure access to information from the office on their corporate network, via a public infrastructure such as the Internet. The service is on-line constantly. This allows field staff, telecommuters, mobile users and other offices to retrieve often critically important resources. The system is automatically updated and with the Cisco Pix Firewall in place, security is assured. Lanz offers a complete and comprehensive support and management service, therefore the users need not concern themselves with the more esoteric technical issues, but merely concentrate on their business.

Remote Office Access

With a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you and your staff can access your IT networks via the internet, so you can grab data and resources from your computer even when you’re away from the office.
An essential service for telecommuters or for time-critical access to important documents while at meetings - and with the Cisco Pix Firewall, security is assured.
In the meantime, Lanz’s comprehensive support and management leaves you free to concentrate on the business of doing business.

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