Business communications needs are becoming increasingly complex, Telecommunications are converging with Data networks to produce cost saving and enhance productivity. Lanz can therefore bring their local and wide area network experience together to provide a fully integrated IP solution.

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS)

Although the telecommunications industry has been de-regulated for 20 years. CPS is a relatively new service. Significantly better than its predecessor that required routing boxes attached to individual phones, this solution is programmed by BT at the local telephone exchange and is only available on BT lines.


Lanz's philosophy is to recommend a CPS network carrier that is best suited to the customers requirements, taking full account of the pattern of calls made. line rentals, minimum call charges, discounts available and other services required. We can supply CPS from a range of carriers and significant savings can be achieved by switching to a different supplier. Until recently, line rental was still billed by BT so the customer ended up with two bills, one for calls and one for rentals. Some but not all, alternative carriers can now bill rental and calls on a single bill.

Tailor-made solution

Lanz can produce an independent solution with hardware tailored to meet your individual needs. With First class preventative maintenance we try to ensure that problems are anticipated rather than reacted to. Lanz works with alternative carriers to BT to route calls in the most cost effective way. Above all Lanz can provide a fully integrated solution enabling voice, fax and mobile to be managed centrally in order to enable cost effective scalability as you grow.

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